made as simple as possible, but not simpler

The Composing Continuum

For composers of art music, concert music, choral music, film music, jazz, electro-acoustic music, music for games, new media, songwriters, teaching and studying. Opusmodus is the true composer’s software environment, providing a comprehensiveness not seen in any other system available today.

Made in Opusmodus

"Opusmodus is easily the best current computer music system (and I’ve used them all)"

─ Composer


“Congratulations - I have been waiting for something like this since decades! Please inform me once Opusmodus is ready for use. Best regards from Vienna”

─ Professor, Curator, Composer


“I'am digging deeper into OMN and being amazed! Thank you!”

─ Composer


“I enjoy this software so much - it is opening new levels of composing for me”

─ Composer, Professor of Music


“I want to let you know we got perfect marks for our final project using Opusmodus for a 12 tone demonstration. Our professor said it was the most creative and interesting project he had seen in several years.”

 ─ Student


"I really enjoy using Opusmodus, it is a very easy and well documented application which is a great help for any composer who wishes to create music and get their musical ideas into complete scores ready for orchestra, small ensembles, piano or electronic music."

─ Artist/Composer


“Opusmodus has become my new home for composing music; it is a wellspring of infinite possibilities.”

─ Professor of Music


“I've been doing this full-time for 30 years. About half of it in lisp. So I have a big leg up in the software side. Though I would never have invented your super-compact notation system for music”.

─ Programmer

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